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In a tough market environment,SHKL undertook its social responsibility and achieved growth against the trend.In the face of the severe pandemic and trade war between China and United States, SHKL constantly improved itself and achieved good results, re-planed the company's development strategy for a better future.


SHKL brand was constantly improving,promote and lead peers to achieve integrated bathroom customization,The chairman and the brand were recognised accordingly. SHKL chairman was awarded "the backbone of Chinese sanitary ware for 30 years" award, and SHKL brand was honored "Guangdong Famous Brand ", "National High-tech Enterprise" and other honorary titles. SHKL won the best booth award in  KBIS exhibition, its brand influence has been established.


SHKL signed with Mr. Aref Fourat, a famous Swiss designer , setted up European R&D center,and continuely expanded the scale of factory. SHKL purchased 100,000 square meters of commercial land to build workshops in Qingyuan,Concentrate on the production of plywood bathroom vanities and LED mirrors. Established eight branches in succession,SHKL was constantly appearing in well-known media,Products also won a number of awards. At the same time, SHKL constantly expanding overseas markets,as SHKL attended se


SHKL entered the E-commerce industry and became the president unit of Foshan Bathroom Cabinet Allianc.,Leading the industry toward a new era of development. Meanwhile, SHKL established  "SHKL Business School", "SHKL Mutual Aid Foundation", launched "ERP management" to promote staff growth, customer service was comprehensively upgraded. SHKL was awarded "China Top 10 Sanitary Ware Brands", "Top Ten Bathroom Cabinet Brands", "The Most Innovative Household Brand", "Foshan City Integrity Enterprise" and "C


To achieve scale development,SHKL has expended the plant to 40,000 squre meter.SHKL became the leader in the bathroom cabinet industry, and incubate two branches to produce shower enclosure and plywood bathroom vanity.The plant constantly upgraded,step from solid wood bathroom vanity to integral sanitary ware era. During these years, SHKL went abroad and appeared in the Dubai Big 5 Exhibition, Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Exhibition, Frankfurt ISH Exhibition, Canton Fair and other well-known international ex


Foshan SHKL Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd was established in May of 2004. Took the lead in launching "SHKL"brand solid wood bathroom vanity in the market .In 2006, SHKL was exhibited at the Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Exhibition,Layouted the global market,and setted off the trend of solid wood bathroom vanity.



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