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May 24,2019, SHKL celebrated it’s 15 years anniversary

May 24,2019, SHKL celebrated it’s 15 years anniversary


In May 24, 2004, the bathroom industry quietly raised a new star. Today, in 2019, on the same day, this new star has already radiated its light and became the star of the industry.

 Today, SHKL Sanitary Ware has successfully held the 15th anniversary celebration with the theme of “SHKL in 15 Years • Building a Dream together”. Employees from Foshan SHKL headquarter and Other branches gathered together to share the joy and excitement of the past 15 years.

At the scene, Mr. Zhang Aimin, the chairman of SHKL, and Mr.Yang Fuye, the supervisor of SHKL, expressed sincere gratitude to all SHKL members who accompanied SHKL through countless days and nights. It is precisely such a group of ordinary workers who adhered to SHKL, using their actual actions to demonstrate the spirit of hard work, in order to allow SHKL to keep pace with the times and grow rapidly, and it will accompany SHKL to a farther future.

Fifteen years, the battle turns to the stars, the sun and the moon reincarnation!

Fifteen years, people come and go, and the years change!

So many people dedicated their youth to SHKL, and entrusted a floating heart to SHKL;

So many people regard the company as a business for a lifetime to operate and work hard.

There are such a group of employees who have been with SHKL for 5 years, even 10 years, wholeheartedly accompanying the growth of the company, contributing their own strength and wisdom in different positions, and witnessing the development of the company. And grow up.

SHKL adheres to the mission of “creating value for customers, making happiness for employees and taking responsibility for the society”. At this anniversary celebration, we express our deep gratitude to the honorable employees of the 5th and 10th years, appreciated their continued dedication and companionship.

Fun sports meeting, moving forward hand in hand

In the anniversary celebrations, there was a fierce and interesting sports meeting. In the atmosphere of the combination of competition and entertainment, team members cooperate with each other. Show the spirit of the hard work of SHKL.

Fifteen years of hard working and struggle to create a brand, SHKL workers have been exploring and surpassing for more than fifteen years.
In the future, SHKL will continue to pursue passion and dreams, and strive to realize the vision of “creating the NO.1 brand of entire bathroom customization”


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