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SHKL successfully held the 2019 dealer’s annual meeting

SHKL successfully held the 2019 dealer’s annual meeting


May 28, SHKL successfully held the 2019 national dealers’ summit in Shanghai, the theme of this party is “Energize & Leading the future”. SHKL president Zhang Aimin gathered together with distributors all over the country, It aims to strengthen the strategic layout of the market and discuss the development plan in 2019.

Only change can lead the future of Customized bathroom.

SHKL president Zhang Aimin stressed at the scene: In order to lead the industry in the fast lane of customized bathroom, we must strive for change. The era transformation, made some people, also eliminated some people, President Zhang thanks for the opportunities brought by the reform and opening up, point out the coming of Customized bathroom based on the Chinese history and the past of building material industry. To realize the integration of design intelligence and manufacturing, SHKL is transforming  under the C2M info. Strategy. The future will go in front of the industry, leading the development of the industry.

SHKL adhering to the vision of creating the first brand of customized bathroom, has 15 years’ history, today at the scene, also carried out a new around of VI upgrades, this also means the upgrade of SHKL’S strategy in customized bathroom. SHKL always adhere to the customer as the core, to create a more customer-friendly service experience in the Customized bathroom.

A great career, little by little until the monument was built, it’s never easy. SHKL president zhang aimin reviewed the SHKL’S ups and downs all the way at dinner, thanks to all the partners who accompany SHKL to today, and also hope to be with you for the next 20, 30 years……

Energize & Leading the future
2019, Customized bathroom of SHKL
Will cooperate with the national dealer partners
Energize the new retail, leading the new future of Customized bathroom!

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