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The functions of LED bathroom mirrors

The functions of LED bathroom mirrors

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As a core configuration of the bathroom vanity, LED bathroom mirror have many practical functions.

1. Lighting function

The main function of LED bathroom mirrors is that it has lighting function, taking lighting function of the mirrors to further increase the lighting in the bathroom.


2. Display for time and temperature functions

The time and temperature can be showed on the LED bathroom mirrors.


3. Defogging function

The LED Mirror can be equipped with a heating film on the back, you can turn on the heating button when the mirror surface is foggy, and then the water vapor will evaporate naturally, so that your mirror will always keep cleaning.


4. Magnifier function

You can add a magnifier according to your requirements, which is good to help you making up.


5. Dimming function

The brightness of the led light can be adjusted to the most suitable value according to your own needs, satisfying you with different brightness needs.


6. CCT adjusting function

Different colors temperature can be adjusted, creating a comfortable bathroom atmosphere according to your own needs.


7. Bluetooth functions

The Bluetooth system has complete functions, with time display, date display, temperature display, light control, anti-fog and other functions, and it can also play music through Bluetooth connected mobile phones. When you wash in the bathroom, you can play your favorite songs, and you can see the outdoor temperature of the day, which is convenient for you to choose the clothes of the day, etc. It is very humane and warm, improves your quality of life at the same time.




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