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The winner of the second Entire Bathroom Customization Design Competition was announced

The winner of the second Entire Bathroom Customization Design Competition was announced


May 18, the jury selection activity of the second Bathroom design competition-the theme of “Design, Customize for you” organized by SHKL and KUJIALE was successfully held in Foshan. A panel of judges from various industries and representatives from the authoritative media gathered here, witnessed the birth of the champion of this competition!

It is reported, this competition aims to advocate communication platform for the customized bathroom industry, promoting the transformation of achievements,let idea find a market, encourage cultural inheritance and design innovation, let design change our life!

Customized bathroom era, lead the future

Site activity, SHKL president Zhang aimin said: Going from 0 to 1 is a tough process. 2018 is the first year era of Customized bathroom, no matter from the industry buzzword, manufacturers follow up or the media hot debate, all reflect the general trend. Now offline, see so many designers more pursuit of beauty and functional lean in the design of bathroom space, believe in the design community of the future, there will be more resources, truly put the consumer in the centre, to create a custom space belongs to consumers.

In the coming of customization era, many enterprises in the industry understand that customized bathroom is the future development direction, customized bathroom is an effective way to improve the quality of terminal bathroom products and upgrade the experience of consumption, The masters of all industries at the scene are standing at the height of the industry, give their own opinion.

And as the partner of this activity, kujia le whole house custom south China director Wei dong said: the contest held by SHKL, not only broke the traditional custom concept, but also marked the entire bathroom industry from the product era into era of the customized bathroom, which provide industry consumers with a new life experience.

Secretary general of Guangdong sanitary ware chamber of commerce, Zhang shuru spoke

China building decoration association information committee industry cooperation center deputy director Luo jie shared.

From the perspective of foreign designers, Aref Fourati, the chief European designer from SHKL said, China has many creative and innovative designers, but they are short of platforms and opportunities for display, the design competition held by SHKL is a good way for designers to show design works to the industry, delivered the idea of customized bathroom, also let more people know the concept of customized bathroom of SHKL, believe the future, the development of customized bathroom in China will getting better and better.

Tan rongtian, vice President of Foshan interior design association, hoped that the customized bathroom competition held by SHKL will continue in the future, It triggers consumers and designers to think more about the future of Chinese bathroom customization.

Professional comments, results come out

Site assessment, Judging from their own understanding of customized bathroom, the grand jury members made comments on their favorite works.

Finally, the masters of the jury judged from the function of technology creative aesthetic products malleable space layout collocation rationality of the overall space soft decoration collocation and six dimensions of market space to score accurately, the final winner of this competition gold, silver, bronze and popular award works as follows

Gold prize work

Gray space

Silver prize work

Green green

Black walnut nature

Bronze prize work

Lin Xin

Pink Lake

Modern style

Best popular award

Ou Ruifang

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